Welcome to dkl Weddings Photography where we aim to provide you with emotion evoking imagery for you to treasure for years to come.

My name is Darnell Lemons and I am a Jacksonville, FL based photographer at dkl Weddings whose personal journey leading to wedding photography was birthed modestly over 15 years ago from being the person in my family that would take pictures while on vacation. This began a journey filled with a passion to hone my personal skills to take better photos. Now for several years I have been afforded the great opportunity to providing quality wedding photography services to numerous couples.

A wedding is a precious chapter of our lives that is very personal. I look forward to each opportunity I’m invited into a couple’s special day to use the art of photography to help document and tell their personal love story. I photograph weddings with you, for you and loved ones, and that’s how it ought to be. I take and deliver a good blend of all those candid memorable and unforgettable moments and details you weren’t aware were happening and posed portraits. Our wedding photography works to show you how beautiful you both look together and help you recall all the reasons behind choosing one another, for years to come.

It brings me great joy capturing moments for others to allow them to continue to re-experience the emotion they felt on their special day. It gifts you something to hold on to. I am very fortunate to be in a profession which is my passion.  Therefore, I labor to show my gratitude to each couple I am afforded the pleasure of being a part of their wedding celebration by delivering beautiful memories through the art of photography.

This blog is an integral part of my wedding photography website, but I shall also use it as a medium of conveying my thoughts (relevant and related) to the art of photography. And those who are visiting for gathering further information about how I am as a wedding photographer can also know more about me through this blog.