Why does wedding photography cost so much ?

As a person that price shops and looks for bargains I can see why so many people wonder why does it cost so much to just take pictures. I mean after all, isn’t that all that a Wedding Photographer is doing? Let me just say from the beginning that Wedding Photography is usually long, tedious work that requires passion, dedication, skill, talent, experience, and quality equipment. Each of which has an associated value. As the age old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

You may say I am kind of following you, but still why so much to just take some pictures. Let’s consider that you hire a wedding photographer for 4 hours coverage. Any photographer that is worth his weight and is providing you with quality services has way more than 4 hours invested in your wedding. First there is time and money invested in advertising which leads up to the consultation where we identify your expectations and needs for your wedding. Next photographers begin to prepare for the location(s) of your pre-wedding, wedding ceremony, formals, and reception. Each location, typically pose varying obstacles (from lighting to focal length, and more) that a photographer must overcome in order to deliver those pictures that you desire. Each obstacle requires skill, talent, experience, and quality equipment to provide beautiful pictures. Therefore, your photographer has homework to do prior to the big day to make sure he arrives prepared.

The differing phases of the day can prove to be long and grueling, but most photographers’ passion for the art makes it enjoyable to them and hopefully to the client. This is also where the skill and talent begins to take front stage in order to capture those beautiful pictures. After the wedding day is where the skill and talent continues and where the dedication kicks in because it takes many hours to edit the pictures. I have seen some ads seeking wedding photographers and just wanting them to turn over the unedited pictures, but of course at a ridiculous rate for the photographers work. I have two problems with this. First, you are paying the photographer to deliver a certain look and while taking the photos is important the editing is also very important. Secondly, and most importantly to me, is my name is associated with the finish product, why would I entrust that to someone I don’t know to professionally edit my photographs.

It’s starting to make sense, but it seems like a lot of money. You have to consider that even from a low-end budget wedding photographer to your high-end wedding photographer they are probably carrying equipment worth in the range of $3,000 to well over $10,000 worth of equipment. For my first wedding my equipment was worth in the ballpark of $3,500. Keep in mind this wedding was shot for a friend for free. My equipment has quickly and easily well surpassed that value now.

Personally, while I am a bargain shopper, over the years I have discovered that there are certain things you shouldn’t cut corners on.  I have also discovered that in order to properly compare prices you must compare apples to apples. To say that one product or service cost significantly less than others may not be a completely accurate statement when you are comparing apples with oranges. This is where finding the right photographer at the right price can be a little challenging for some clients.

How do I know if I am getting an apple, an orange, or even worst a lemon? How do I know a photographer’s passion, dedication, skill, talent, experience, and equipment that you say goes into the cost of wedding photography? The simplest way I can answer that question is the proof is in the pudding. Know what you are looking for then talk with the photographer to see if he can meet your needs. Then don’t just take the photographer’s word for it, view his work and see if it meets your expectations. Don’t expect differently than what has already been displayed.

The bottom line is if you don’t like what you see when you see the photographer’s work, it doesn’t matter how much money you will save if you are going to receive something you don’t like.

Why does wedding photography cost so much ?

Currently I believe it is estimated that you should allocate about 10% of your wedding budget to photography. Ten percent sounds high to some, but when you consider that you are investing a lot of money into all the other aspects of having a beautiful and memorable wedding shouldn’t it be important to adequately capture those moments to help you remember it.

Our wedding pricing have been competitively and strategically priced to provide each client with both savings and quality wedding photography.