About Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Hiring A Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Understanding the process of hiring a Jacksonville Wedding Photographer can be more easily understood by a comparison with the similarities in the development of a relationship.

      • Boy Meets Girl – At this point the photographer has done all possible, displaying his best photos, spreading the word of his availability, and trying to be at all the right places to bump into and make a good first impression with a potential client.  And when a potential client finds out about a photographer either by word a mouth, in public somehow, or as is common in today's dating world, online, the initial sense of intrigue is sparked.

      • Expressing Interest – Next is when a potential client steps beyond scowering photographers' websites and reaches out to a prospective photographer.  This can happen via a phone call, email, or submitting your wedding information via a quote request form. This lets the photographer know you are strongly considering working with him. By completing a simple form with as much detail as possible it allows the photographer to begin to get a general idea of your wedding photography needs.

      • The First Date  – A consultation with a photographer is sort of like a first date. This is where we actually get to meet you (whether on the phone or in person) and truly hear about your vision for your wedding. You also get the chance to hear how the photographer plans to meet your photography needs. This is where you will get an opportunity to determine if you are comfortable enough with the photographer to hiring to handle your big day.

      • The Proposal – This is where we move a step past courtship and make it official with your commitment to trust someone to photograph what will be one of the most memorable days of your life. It's when you say "yes” and officially book the services of a photographer by signing a contract and making payment of a retainer fee.  Then the photographer will no longer be “on the market” for your wedding date and is in a committed relationship with you.
      • The Engagement Period - Ongoing communication is vital to any successful relationship, including in business.  There will be a continual need to communicate so better understanding of your photography needs are thoroughly understood.  We need to hear about any changes of details to your wedding as well as we want to hear about any changes of your vision of the day. The more we know the better prepared we can be.
      • The Wedding – Your wedding day calls for enjoyment. Our hopes are that as much as possible you can remain carefree and allow us to document every special moment. While there is allot to be anxious about we want you to trust in your photographer selection. Allow his professionalism to afford you to simply focus on enjoying your day with friends and family resulting in more organic awesome images you will be able to remember for years to come how you felt in that moment.

      • Happily Ever After – After all the excitement and festivities of the day we look to provide you with something to enjoy for a lifetime.  In no more than 2 weeks from your wedding day, the much awaited wedding collection will be edited and packaged for delivery for you and your family to enjoy for the rest of your days.

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