Finding the Right Match

I have resolved early on that successful wedding photography is not about how much money I can make but rather finding a match for my photography skills & style with a couple’s photography needs & desires.  I place higher emphasis on making sure that my skills & style match with the couples needs and desires rather than on how much I can get from a couple.  At the end of the project, both the couple and photographer should be satisfied with the work and walk away having had a good experience.

This means that I am not the right match for every couple and I understand that.  I compare the client searching for a photographer to two individuals trying to find the right mate to be a match for them.  The photographer-client relationship must be a match as well (hopefully it’s not as difficult though.)  There are many couples getting married and enough photographers that suitable matches can be made.

To couples, I say make sure you like the style and work of the photographer you select.  Regardless of the money you saved if you don’t like the pictures what good is a discount on something you don’t like.  For more information on this see my blog on Why does wedding photography cost so much?  Make sure the photographer is pleasant and accommodating to your needs.  Make sure the photographer is professional leading up to the wedding.  If it is hard to get a hold of the photographer or their office to answer questions, requests, or concerns you may have, it doesn’t produce a reassuring feeling about the amount of care and attention you will receive on your wedding day.

To photographers I say make sure the client sees value in what you offer.  While the couple have many considerations (budget being one of the main ones) if they don’t value your experience or style it will be hard to please them with the finish product. It is okay to charge what you believe your work is worth.  Firstly, you know what goes into producing your product and whether or not you are offering a fair price.  Secondly, if the couple doesn’t place much value in photography for their wedding, it may prove difficult to satisfy them with the finish project, regardless of how good it is because it may always be viewed as overpriced.

Finding the Right Match

Wedding photography can be and should be an enjoyable experience from the time of the initial consultation through the time of the delivery of the final package for both parties.